Our history

From our humble beginnings in the 70s, where our founders discovered their passion for visuals and event production, a remarkable journey began. With the advent of the first black and white video camera, equipped with a 1⁄4 tape, our inaugural productions took flight, leading to the birth of Prosivision, a production company in Caracas, Venezuela.

Over the span of three decades, we crafted countless stories, turning dreams into reality. Our portfolio boasts over 1200 television commercials, cinematic masterpieces, captivating radio spots, and impactful audiovisual programs. We became pioneers in our field, shaping the realm of communication.

Building upon this success, two visionary brothers founded AIP ASESORES DE IMAGEN PUBLICA, a platform of communication experts dedicated to advising and devising strategies for clients across diverse sectors, both in the private and public sphere, spanning numerous countries. With a young and dynamic team, the Rodríguez Siso brothers achieved triumphs in Venezuela, Argentina, Aruba, Ecuador, the United States, Spain, Mexico, Peru, the Dominican Republic, and beyond.

Always guided by a clear purpose and a deep desire to make a difference, we established the NGO Unamos. This remarkable initiative brought together companies, media outlets, private and public institutions to effect meaningful change in the lives of thousands of children whose human rights were violated. The Colmena de la Vida project stands as a testament to our commitment, with homes built and the production of Telecorazon, a Telethon that served as a vital channel to raise funds for this noble cause.

As our communications group continued to evolve, our aim was to create a Global Communications Group capable of transcending borders. Thus, more than an decade ago, PIC PUBLIC INTEGRATED COMMUNICATIONS was born in the United States. Aligned with cutting- edge technologies and supported by a vibrant team of advisors and strategic partners, PIC stands ready to provide new services and lend a helping hand to clients in the realms of Think, Do, Show, and Care.

For over three decades, stories were created and constructed, and we are proud to have been a part of them every step of the way.

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How we define ourselves.

Our team consists of an exceptional group of professionals, diverse and unparalleled in the field of communications. Together, we possess a wealth of expertise as strategists, analysts, communicators, creative talents, managers, designers, technologists, and community managers. Yet, we are much more than our individual roles.

We are the architects of brands, creators of concepts, and drivers of product innovation. We have the unique ability to bring ideas to life, influencing behaviors and fostering awareness that transcends boundaries. Our ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on the world, shaping consciences and working towards a better future.

Fearless leaders

Miguel Rodríguez Siso

CEO / President

Ángela Furió Fajardo

VP / Account manager

Claudio Fernando Suárez Infante

Strategic Research Director

John Rodríguez Siso

Senior advisor / Entertainment

Adryana Aldenn

Senior political advisor

Adrian Ertorteguy

Marketing communications

Public integrated