It’s our private online room
Imagine you have a problem or simply an uncertainty on how to move on. You tell us what is it and we assemble for you a unique team of experts (4­5) that will conference with you online and advice you the best way to solve the problem. You will receive a hard copy of your discussion and conclusions and the session can be scheduled at more than one instance.

We call it THE ROOM and it’s a product of PIC.

More than 100 advisors on file in areas like politics, communications, banking, oil, medical, security, PR, and many more.

Our associated team of experts in many disciplines is ready to help you, your company or institution, in any challenge, decision to grow, or simply a better way to do business.
We will assemble your team in no time and connect them to you, so you can have the advice on time when you need it.

Form to request a Room session

If you are interested in using THE ROOM, please complete the form in this page and we will process your request and contact you in the next 48 hrs. Our advisors will team up and schedule your next meeting.

For us confidentiality is vital we will process securely the information submitted and we will not share this information with any company, mailing or service.

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