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Picture this: you find yourself faced with a challenge or a lingering uncertainty, unsure of how to navigate forward. Enter “The Room” – an innovative product developed by PIC to provide you with expert guidance and customized solutions. With over 100 advisors available from various fields such as politics, communications, banking, oil, medical, security, PR, and more, we assemble a handpicked team of 4-5 specialists who will confer with you online to offer invaluable advice.

Here’s how it works: You simply articulate the nature of your problem or query, and we go to work assembling a dream team of experts tailored specifically to address your unique situation. Through a scheduled online session, you will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with these distinguished professionals, drawing from their wealth of knowledge and experience to uncover the most effective strategies and solutions.

The conversations within “The Room” are designed to be interactive and collaborative, ensuring that you gain comprehensive insights and actionable recommendations to overcome your challenges. The beauty of this service is that you can schedule multiple sessions if necessary, allowing for continued exploration and refinement of ideas.

Following each session, you will receive a tangible hard copy capturing the essence of the discussions and the conclusions drawn. This serves as a valuable resource that you can reference and reflect upon as you progress towards implementing the recommended strategies.

At PIC, we understand the importance of access to trusted expertise when faced with complex decisions. “The Room” offers a unique opportunity to tap into a network of seasoned professionals who are passionate about assisting you in finding the best way forward. Let us be your strategic partner in navigating through uncertainties and unlocking new possibilities for success.

Our associated team of experts in many disciplines is ready to help you, your company or institution, in any challenge, decision to grow, or simply a better way to do business.
We will assemble your team in no time and connect them to you, so you can have the advice on time when you need it.

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For us confidentiality is vital we will process securely the information submitted and we will not share this information with any company, mailing or service.

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