Drawing upon our extensive expertise in the political and governmental landscape, we have forged strategic alliances with premier Lobby firms across the Americas. These alliances bring together a formidable team of adept professionals who specialize in advising government leaders and top-level business executives. Furthermore, our expansive network of media contacts amplifies our ability to influence policies and cultivate strong relationships.

Whether it’s Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., or Buenos Aires in Argentina, we possess the capabilities to assist your company or campaign in engaging with the key decision makers. By leveraging our expertise, we ensure that your strategy resonates with the right individuals, enabling you to achieve your goals effectively.

Congressional relations

Executive branch

National media

Political Branding

We make political branding under a methodology that integrates planning, communication and execution processes around a brand designed to create impact and generate identity.

Place brand.

  • The place brand is submitted to open competition, designing clear bases with specific guidelines.
  • The image and the brand manual are developed.
  • An urban furniture and a corporate identity allusive to the brand are designed and installed in strategic places.
  • A campaign is developed in social networks that encourages the interaction of people with the brand through a label, generating spontaneous contents useful for the creation of advertising pieces.

Personal brand.

  • Quantitative and qualitative studies are done on the person.
  • A SWOT analysis and a personal interview are done.
  • An original brand is designed that points to an adequate positioning and polarizes with the competition or alternative.
  • An image campaign is developed.

Institutional brand.

  • The competences and attributions of the institution are analyzed.
  • The possible and desirable strategic objectives are defined.
  • These objectives are grouped into axes.
  • The plan is included in a seductive management brand.
  • The brand and corporate identity manual is developed.
  • An advertising campaign is designed to make it known.

We know what is giving results today

The new media is online

and we have the team to deliver.


Each campaign presents a fresh set of challenges, spanning from local to national levels. The key to success lies in assembling the right team capable of delivering a seamless yet impactful message. This involves thorough opposition research and ensuring the clarity of the message itself. Our team, comprising skilled advisors, producers, and media management specialists, possesses the expertise to effectively convey your message. We are well-equipped to handle diverse communication needs and delivery methods, including targeted segments within a campaign. With unwavering dedication and timely execution, our staff is committed to delivering results with utmost efficiency, regardless of your location.

Political campaigns

Whether you are a candidate or a political party, we are here to ensure your message reaches its intended audience. We are committed to working diligently, starting from the earliest stages, to guarantee that your campaign emerges as the winning ticket. By collaborating closely with local crews and closely aligning with your campaign staff, we maintain a sharp focus on delivering your message with utmost precision.

Government campaigns

In the realm of governance, establishing and upholding a positive reputation is paramount. This requires governments to effectively communicate their actions in a timely manner and develop campaigns that highlight their progress, ultimately bolstering their support base. For numerous years, PIC has been at the forefront of delivering exceptional communication services for governments throughout the Americas, yielding highly successful outcomes.

By harnessing our extensive expertise in the field, we have collaborated with governments to craft strategic communication plans that resonate with diverse audiences. Our track record of success in this realm is a testament to our ability to effectively convey the achievements, initiatives, and policies of governments, ensuring that their efforts are comprehensively communicated and understood by the public.

Through a combination of meticulous planning, strategic messaging, and innovative approaches, we have consistently enabled governments to enhance their reputation and foster stronger connections with their constituents. Our commitment to excellence in governmental communications remains unwavering, and we continue to be a trusted partner in promoting transparency, progress, and public engagement for governments across the Americas.

Commercial campaigns

In today’s competitive business landscape, crafting and delivering the right message is pivotal for corporations and small companies alike. At PIC, we specialize in developing, producing, and effectively disseminating impactful messages for products and companies. With our extensive experience and expertise in the field, we understand the nuances of effective communication and the strategies required to resonate with target audiences.

Whether you are a multinational corporation or a budding startup, we recognize the significance of conveying your unique value proposition, brand identity, and product benefits to captivate your desired market. Our dedicated team of communication experts possesses the knowledge and skills to curate compelling messages that align with your objectives and resonate with your target audience.

From conceptualization to execution, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your specific needs. We leverage cutting-edge techniques, innovative storytelling, and a deep understanding of consumer behavior to ensure that your message not only stands out but also drives desired outcomes.

With PIC as your trusted partner, you can rest assured that your company’s message will be delivered effectively and resonate with your audience, creating meaningful connections and driving success for your brand.