With a long standing experience in the political and governmental field, we have put together alliances with the top Lobby firms on the Americas. Highly capable professionals in advising government leaders and top business executives combined with media contacts. This is what drives policies and relations. From Capitol Hill in DC to Buenos Aires in Argentina we can help your company or campaign reach the right decision makers to make the strategy work for you.

Congressional relations

Executive branch

National media

Political Branding

We make political branding under a methodology that integrates planning, communication and execution processes around a brand designed to create impact and generate identity.

Place brand.

  • The place brand is submitted to open competition, designing clear bases with specific guidelines.
  • The image and the brand manual are developed.
  • An urban furniture and a corporate identity allusive to the brand are designed and installed in strategic places.
  • A campaign is developed in social networks that encourages the interaction of people with the brand through a label, generating spontaneous contents useful for the creation of advertising pieces.

Personal brand.

  • Quantitative and qualitative studies are done on the person.
  • A SWOT analysis and a personal interview are done.
  • An original brand is designed that points to an adequate positioning and polarizes with the competition or alternative.
  • An image campaign is developed.

Institutional brand.

  • The competences and attributions of the institution are analyzed.
  • The possible and desirable strategic objectives are defined.
  • These objectives are grouped into axes.
  • The plan is included in a seductive management brand.
  • The brand and corporate identity manual is developed.
  • An advertising campaign is designed to make it known.

We know what is giving results today

The new media is online

and we have the team to deliver.


Every campaign is a new challenge from local to national. Success is made when the right team is combined to deliver a smooth yet strong message, when the oposition research is made well and the message is clear. Our team of advisors and producers together with our media management specialist can deliver the message. We can work in all communication needs and delivery, also in segmented areas of the campaign when needed. All it takes is the energy to do the work in the time needed, our staff can deliver on time and with high efficiency no matter where you are.

Political campaigns

Where you are a candidate or a party we can deliver your message. We can work as early as needed to make sure your campaign is the winner ticket. Teaming up with local crews and working very close with campaign staff we remain very tuned to the right delivery.

Government campaigns

It is important for governments to maintain good levels of reputation by communicating what they do on time, or creating campaigns to deliver progress and increase their base. For many years PIC has delivered communications for governments across the Americas with a very good result.

Commercial campaigns

For a corporation or a small company the right message is vital and PIC delivers. We have been working in creating, producing and putting out the message for products and companies. We know how to do it and we can do it for you.