Actions that determine reputation

We strive to push boundaries and present revolutionary ideas that transform actions and behaviors. Our customized solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization or institution. Whether it’s introducing groundbreaking educational initiatives for schools or developing innovative social media tools for your company, we bring fresh ideas that align with the expectations of your target audience.

We understand that building the right reputation requires taking action, but it’s equally important to execute those actions effectively and efficiently. This is where our experienced team steps in. We offer expertise in areas such as organizational development, team collaboration, growth structuring, leadership guidance, and much more. With our support, you can navigate the path to success, delivering impactful results within the required timeframe.



Private Company

  • Organization
  • Group sessions
  • Efficiency on process
  • Delivery proposal
  • Fundraising
  • Institutional relations

  • Strategic analysis
  • Advising and partnership development
  • Team Buildup
  • New products
  • Better processes
  • Constant monitoring results

Associated partners

Through the years we have been very lucky working in team with amazing professionals in diverse fields of our think division. Today we continue in close contact with them and can be part of our team when needed. They are highly capable in every field of analysis and strategy to make sure we as a team reach the highest standard of service.

Armando Briquet

Armando Briquet

Campaign team

Political Advisor. His expertise in campaigns is very vast going from strategies to organization in many local, regional and national races.

Beatrice Rangel

Beatrice Rangel

Government / Private consulting

International business executive with a vast experience in the analysis, development of negotiations and the application of investment and acquisitions strategies at the corporate level.

José Antonio Mejía

José Antonio Mejía

Corporate / Business development

Outstanding leader that has the unique ability to inspire and energize people. A transformational cross business and global driver that is able to break barriers and facilitate complex and emotional cross functional issues.

José Ignacio Guédez Yépez

José Ignacio Guédez Yépez

EU Regional Director

He is essayist, poet and writer of several Printed and Digital Journals. In 2,017 he was distinguished with the “Juan Guillermo Irinarren” Municipal Decoration and Order and he was part of the delegation of the Venezuelan opposition that received the Sakharov Prize on Human Rights of the European Parliament.

Estrategic allies