Every action has a social impact

For us to CARE is to be responsible. Everything we do, every campaign we create or every action we take has a clear underlying, “It has to matter” the actions have to have a positive effect on people and on our planet. That is why in PIC we work not only to advise our clients in what can be done to improve life but also how can we communicate to reach the senses in a positive way.

We create conscience on the way

for a better world

Unamos (2001 – Present)

UNAMOS, echoing his own name, has united the efforts of individuals, organizations, and public and private institutions, to restore the violated rights of children and adolescents who are socially excluded. This is done by developing a model of prevention, care and intervention, which provides them the opportunity to plan their life projects, based on values such as union, family and solidarity, taking as the cornerstone the efficient use of resources and human talent.

In October 2001 a concept of unity was born, which began after the tragic events of September 11 in New York, where the world watched in awe how violence attacked life, and how thousands of people died for no reason. This is why UNAMOS wanted to make a difference, bringing all the talent in the country to an unforgettable musical event.

“Unamos al Mundo por la Vida”

the original musical event, was held on October 7, 2001 in Caracas, and we sang to life for 12 hours, with 70,000 thousand people attending, generating a commitment to build a better Venezuela.

Thus was founded UNAMOS, to join forces and fight for the children that need us, those living in high-risk situations and that are known as “street-involved children”

Then in 2003, we established the figure of Telecorazón, an unprecedented event in Venezuela, with all the electronic media in simultaneous transmission, helping to collect funds for building our programmes. Thanks to the contribution of all, UNAMOS continues to develop its programmes to be increasingly effective in its mission.

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Make Your Own Peace

We helped developing the concept of a platform where people could help the PEACE process in the world by defining the actions themselves. Through music as a language of peace, MYOP presents a diverse catalog of options where people can pick their own peace by helping the causes they want at the time of need.

“Peace begins with kindness”

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Venezuela es mucho mas

In crucial moments in history there comes a time when we have to elevate the voices of truth and peace. The concept behind VENEZUELA ES MUCHO MAS is just that, is to elevate the true values of a country and the people. It was a night to bring together values of a higher dimension. The impact was total, it because the 4th topic trend in twitter that night worldwide. Artist and music became one to show the true colors of Venezuela.

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More than 1,200 spots for tv

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