Every action has a social impact

Our commitment to CARE is rooted in a strong sense of responsibility. We believe that every endeavor we undertake, be it creating campaigns or taking actions, must hold significant meaning. Our guiding principle is simple yet profound: “It has to matter.” We recognize that our actions must have a positive impact on both individuals and our planet.

This is why, at PIC, we go beyond merely advising our clients on how to enhance their lives. We also strive to communicate in a way that resonates with people’s senses, fostering positivity and understanding. By aligning our efforts with this ethos, we aim to contribute to a better world and ensure that every interaction, every campaign, and every action makes a meaningful difference.

We create conscience on the way

for a better world

Unamos (2001 – Present)

UNAMOS, true to its name, serves as a unifying force, bringing together individuals, organizations, and public and private institutions to address the rights violations faced by socially excluded children and adolescents. Our mission encompasses the development of a comprehensive model of prevention, care, and intervention. By fostering values such as unity, family, and solidarity, we empower these young individuals to envision and plan their life projects. Key to our approach is the efficient utilization of resources and human talent.

The genesis of UNAMOS can be traced back to October 2001, following the tragic events of September 11 in New York. Witnessing the devastating impact of violence on innocent lives, we were inspired to make a difference. Thus, we convened an unforgettable musical event, “Unamos al Mundo por la Vida” (Uniting the World for Life), held on October 7, 2001, in Caracas. Over the course of 12 hours, with the participation of 70,000 people, we raised our voices in celebration of life, instilling a collective commitment to build a better Venezuela.

“Unamos al Mundo por la Vida”

It was from this foundation that UNAMOS emerged, dedicated to joining forces and advocating for the children who need us the most – those living in high-risk situations and commonly referred to as “street-involved children.” In 2003, we introduced Telecorazón, an unprecedented nationwide event in Venezuela. By coordinating simultaneous broadcasts across various electronic media platforms, we successfully raised funds to support our programs. Thanks to the contributions of many, UNAMOS continues to strengthen and expand its initiatives, working tirelessly to fulfill its mission with ever-increasing effectiveness.

Make Your Own Peace

We played a pivotal role in the development of a unique platform that empowers individuals to contribute to the global peace process by defining their own actions. Introducing MYOP (Make Your Own Peace), we recognize the universal language of music as a powerful tool for fostering peace. MYOP offers a diverse catalog of options, allowing people to select their preferred means of promoting peace by supporting causes that resonate with them during times of need. With MYOP, individuals have the opportunity to actively participate in shaping a more peaceful world according to their own values and passions.

“Peace begins with kindness”

Venezuela es mucho mas

During critical moments in history, there arises a need to amplify the voices of truth and peace. This is precisely the essence of VENEZUELA ES MUCHO MAS (Venezuela is Much More). The core concept behind this initiative is to elevate the genuine values of a nation and its people. It was an extraordinary night that united and celebrated the profound virtues of a higher dimension. The impact was profound, as it swiftly became the fourth top trending topic on Twitter worldwide. Through the harmonious convergence of art and music, VENEZUELA ES MUCHO MAS revealed the vibrant and authentic colors that represent the true spirit of Venezuela.

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