Starting with the right strategy
All we do at PIC begins with a previous investigation and analysis so that we can then build up the strategy. The area o expertise is vital in the development of good actions and communications to the target. We see it as a bridge between analysis and strategy with vital thinking to be able to generate content and deploy actions that will become the solid foundation for your reputation.

Wholesome research



  • Think tank
  • Focus group
  • Situation room

  • Strategic analysis
  • Communication consulting
  • Assestment
A good campaign always starts with a good research and with new technologies we can go even deeper in the understanding of the market and the target.

For us in PIC we call it the PUBLIC COMMUNICATIONS CYCLE and its a simple five step process that assures the good ending result. The base of the final product still today remains to be a good understanding of the audience to whom the message is addressed to.

Here is the Cycle and in the following segments you will see the others steps within this process.

Situation analysis

Conduct a strategic evaluation of the internal capacities in communication and capacity of Data Gathering-Build a framework of strengths and weaksnesses.

Behaviour research

Build the factors of mobility of the electorate and the mixed feelings that generate adhesion or movement of preference.

Data analysis and model

Enrich data and model the right path to achieve greater electoral adhesion.

Comminication strategy

Build effectivve communication plan and strategy with its different deliverables

Campaign products

Produce in partnership all the necessary products and media strategies to achieve greater message effectiveness

Partners in action

Through the years we have been very lucky working in team with amazing professionals in diverse fields of our think division. Today we continue in close contact with them and can be part of our team when needed. They are highly capable in every field of analysis and strategy to make sure we as a team reach the highest standard of service.
Beatrice Rangel

Beatrice Rangel

Government / Private consulting

International business executive with a vast experience in the analysis, development of
negotiations and the application of investment and
acquisitions strategies at the corporate level.
Alexis Ortiz

Alexis Ortiz

Journalist / Political advisor

Venezuelan writer and historian, journalist, spokesperson, political leader and elections advisor. Alexis won the Cervantes award on 2011.
Alfredo Keller

Alfredo Keller

Pollster / Strategic advisor

Communicator, President of Alfredo Keller and Associates. Advisor to the world council of UPLA (Latin American Parties Union) and Associated advisor ot the Interamerican Center of Political Management.
José Antonio Gil Yépez

José Antonio Gil Yépez

Pollster / Strategic advisor

Venezuelan sociologist, President of Datanalisis a very prestigious polling company. He has been professor for the school of business at IESA 1972-1990. For Year advisor to many campaigns and governments on the hemisphere.

Estrategic allies