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John Rodríguez Siso

Senior advisor / Entertainment

• Degree in management sciences at Universidad Metropolitana – Caracas, Venezuela, with 17 years of professional experience.

• Experience in strategic management of brands marketing.

• Expertise in the development, promotion and growth of brands.

• Specialist in implementing BTL actions for brands and public figures.

• Graduate on integrated brand communications program.

• Specializing in developing integrated plans for brands and public figures communications.

• Developing strategic communication plans for presidential political campaigns.

• Management in Advertising Campaigns, ATL and BTL media for brands, products and services.

• Management associated on budget control and efficiency of investment.

• Founder of KAECO, specializes in the development of entertainment projects.

• Expertise in the management of corporate lobbying and approaches of interest.

• Experience in developing business plans and financial models for investment.

• Expertise in sales presentations and searching capitalist investors.

• Specialist on setting-up Family Entertainment Centers.

• Participation in the annual IAAPA, Entertainment Convention.

• Graduate “FOUNDATIONS 2008“ program. Chicago- Illinois, USA. Pillars of entertainment.

• Specializing in the creation and operation of facilities for the children’s entertainment business.

• Experience in the franchise business.

• Manager, promoter and entrepreneur of family-themed events in Venezuela and Dominican Republic.

• Commercial know-how, participation in business tables of different projects in different industries.