Connecting emotions is about reaching deep in the soul of our audience, is about elevating conscience and making it react.

Miguel Rodríguez Siso

CEO / President

A communicator and a humanitarian. For more than 30 years from early beginnings he has been an expert in communications. Creating and producing success for others thru messages that reached emotions and resulted in positive conducts towards the target and objectives.

Graduated Magna Cum Laude in Denver as an Electronic Engineer with a minor in Communications he then went to Boulder, Colorado for a Masters in Telecommunications with specialties in Political Communications and advanced technologies and then developed an early success in many productions he made.

With years founded more than 5 companies that all articulated in a Image group that grew in the mind of many clients. Producing from Presidential races in many places to City races in smaller towns he was able to make them win both as candidates and as positive government results were also protected.

Some years ago his passion took him to launch a self conceived NGO to rescue children and an amazing impact was the result of such effort.

He continues to develop ideas, to advise clients and mostly to create, his biggest strength, in a world where creativity is the main driver to success.