Today it’s essential to study the human mind and behavior using scientific tools that allow us to carry out deep content research to efficiently detect the processes that are in the subconscious of people and, when detected, allow us to develop communication strategies for positioning of public institutions, political and business organizations and individual leadership whatever their field. It is not enough to know the citizen: where he is and what he verbalizes. The important thing is to know how your thought process is built to make decisions.

Claudio Fernando Suárez Infante

Strategic Research Director

Political scientist, social psychologist and political psychologist specializing in content analysis of political discourse. 34 years dedicated to strategic research and political consulting, he has participated in more than 250 legislative, mayoral, provincial and presidential electoral campaigns in 11 Latin American countries.

In the private sector:

  • General Manager of the “Asociación Civil Conciencia 21”
  • Manager of Political Studies of “Consultores 21 S.A.”
  • Vice President of ISSUE S.A.
  • President of Target Global Research C.A.
  • President of Esencia Global C.A.
  • Claudio SI Consultores Asociados CEO

In the public sector:

  • Advisor to the political reform unit of the Presidential Commission for State Reform in Venezuela (COPRE).
  • Managing Director of Political and Institutional Relations and Director General of Information of the government of the Carabobo state – Venezuela
  • Councilor (alderman) in the Valencia Municipality of Carabobo-Venezuela State (2005-2013), chairing for eight years the Permanent Commission for Transport and Tourism and the Vice-presidency of the Permanent Commission for Education and Culture.
  • For 10 years he has been conducting important studies and research on emotions and the impact of fears on collective behavior, which has led him to coordinate an important group of specialists in social neuroscience for the creation of “The Map of Emotions of Latinos ”.

He is the creator of the DEAR (Identification of Emotional Triggers for the Diagnosis of Voter Actions and Reactions) integrated deep content research methodology that includes the study of psycho-political profiles of leadership personality. Claudio Suárez Infante is also the creator of the training programs for political leaders “If I were a Candidate” and for public officials “The Leadership of the New Reality”